UMS Set time change!

We are looking forward to performing at this year’s

Underground Music Showcase in Denver!

Our set time has changed!

  • Hillary Hand & The Roseliers - Sunday evening at 9pm @ South Broadway Christian Church
  • Hillary Hand (solo set) – Sunday at 5pm @ South Broadway Christian Church

28 days later

It seems I have a knack for dropping off the face of the earth from time to time. I need it, to refresh and remember what my favorite colors and shapes are. My favorite color is the skin of my three year old, and my favorite shape is the face of my husband.

I have been writing a lot, and my band has a gift in translating my thoughts and songs and making them into something worth sharing. Whatever one creates is worth sharing, but thank goodness for the elements that enhance it. I don’t take lightly the beautiful art of music and how God uses it to speak to every person individually. We are all so different and He is so wonderful to know that.

I have been so blessed lately to have gotten two songs placed on TV, but that is only a fraction of what excites me these days. The UMS is on the horizon as well as a few other shows that I will announce soon. After a much needed break to come together as a band, we are excited to share with you what we have been working on.

I have come to the conclusion that we will need financial help to record our next project, whether that be a single, EP, or even an album. I am not picky, as long as it’s lovely and thoughtful. Kickstarter seems to have helped some of my dear friends and family and I am heading more in that direction as things come to a close. We recently shot a video to help promote our new endeavor, so be on the lookout for me in a foruitous mask that my beauitful and talented sister, Lindsay Hand, so generously made for me.

I will inform you all more in detail as soon as things get sorted out in my head and I don’t just spit it all out at once. It’s hard for me to handle all of the knitty gritty that goes on behind the scenes and sometimes I wish I could lock myself away from the world and just sit at my piano and write, but that’s not how things work. For reasons I know not the world is high on a social media kick and I happen to be smack in the middle of it. I still don’t know how to use computers properly. Twitter freaks me the hell out and facebook is just plain annoying. If I EVER annoy you on Facebook, please let me know. I feel like we all need that check from time to time.

Ok, I managed to write an entire blog and inform you on almost nothing. The point is, shows are coming, new music is coming, and a new video to promote our endeavor to bring you a little ear candy, is coming. We are so thankful to all of you for supporting us and can’t wait for you to be involved in all of this in whatever way you want to be.

- HH